Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Nuts & Bolts.

For a couponer like me, Sunday is better than your birthday. It is the day when the gas station lady secretly whispers that you are crazy behind your back as you haul a stack of papers to the counter and leave the paper itself behind. Although, on an unrelated topic, I generally make the people in line behind me very happy- they all get a free Sunday paper! So, while Sunday is fresh in every one's minds, let's see where to start the savings. 

First, always always make sure that the paper you are buying has coupon inserts. Some newspapers business oriented, like the New York Times, will not have coupon inserts. For the Tampa Bay area the Tampa Bay Times is your best bet. If you are not sure if the papers in your area have inserts, you can always call their customer service number or ask the clerk at which ever store you are going to pick your papers up from if you can take a peak inside. Generally, the inserts you are looking for are in the middle, near the comics section. (I would like to thank who ever put together the format of the paper for putting all of my favorite parts in one place.)

If you ever want to check out what is going to be in the inserts with out looking like you are about to steal a paper, you can see what is in this week's coupons. Now, keep in mind that not every paper has the same inserts. Each region has different "types" of coupons. This can range any where from different products to different denominations. For example, you may have a coupon that is $2 off of 1 package of ice cream, where I, with a different paper from a different region, may have a coupon for that same product but for $2 off of 2 instead. Or, I may not have a coupon for that product at all. But, don't be jealous, there are tons of fabulous websites like this one here where you can buy inserts. 

Now, after all this, you are probably thinking, okay lady- just tell me how to coupon. Patience, young one, we will get there.

So what exactly are you looking for in the paper?

Smart Source, also abbreviated SS.
Red Plum, also abbreviated RP.
P&G, already abbreviated.

Smart Source and Red Plum are generally in the paper every Sunday. Now, of course I say this on a weekend where there is no Red Plum, but more times than not, it is there. P&G, on the other hand, is only in the paper once a month. Generally in the beginning of the month. For the month of October, you will find P&G in October 7th's paper. If you ever want to check out what inserts will be in this week's paper, there is a pre-determined schedule. Yes, I agree,  it takes all the mystery out of couponing. 


So that is your first lesson in couponing. I don't want to overwhelm you with good news. But hey, if you have any questions or need any clarification, this is definitely the place to ask!


  1. I have a friend who would get free stuff from couponing and then sell it at a garage sale. She would make like 25-50 a week. On a good month they would make a few extra hundred dollars. Have you ever done that?

    1. LOL! No, I have not. That is not a bad idea at all though. I have enough deodorant to make half of Europe smell Dove fresh. Now if I could just find a coupon for a collapsible table, and I will be in business.

  2. This is exactly what I needed to read! Couponing has always intrigued me ever since I was younger but I never knew where to start. It's amazing what the power of a piece of paper can do. Thanks for explaining those abbreviations; it all makes sense now. I have always seen those terms abbreviated on different coupon websites but never knew what they meant. I feel a little more enlightened! And I hope to be in your check-out lane in the grocery store one day.

  3. This post is great, I loved how you included pictures of what coupons we need to be looking for! I am just wondering if there are any other local papers we should know about for coupons? I also want to know if bundling coupons is acceptable? Also, I was wondering if you could do a post about the expiration date on coupons. I have heard that some places don't even look twice at the expiration date and that others do, and I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

  4. I've never voluntarily searched for coupons to get a discount on a specific item. Since you created this blog, I had the idea in my head to take a few moments to google for one when I decided to order something online from Urban Outfitters this weekend. I saw an item I wanted to purchase, but I was thinking, "how awesome it would be if I could save a little money on it." Inspired by your blog, I decided to take a minute and search for, "Urban Outfitters" discounts. After I sifted through, I found a site :
    I saved ten percent off just by typing in the words "NEWSKOOL"

    Thanks Coupon Queen!

  5. I love your blog page, its super informative on how to save using coupons, and very easy to follow. I rarely ever use coupons, i always found it super stressful, and time consuming. You made it sound mad easy, and im totally interested in getting involved in this whole coupon business. Keep it coming love the info!

  6. Thanks for the couponing info! My Fiance keeps telling me we really need to start using coupons. In his attempt he brought home the TBT on like a Thursday night and was so confused why there weren't any coupons inside. Made me giggle because I already knew most of the good coupons come out on Sundays in the Tampa Bay Times. Needless to say, this Sunday we're definitely buying a paper! I had no idea there was a predetermined schedule for the coupon inserts though, how cool!