Saturday, December 8, 2012

Only 17 Shopping Days Left!

AGGGH!! I started shopping almost two months ago for Christmas gifts, and I am still not done yet. I did not follow my own advice and take advantage of any Black Friday specials, but I have found some goodies for my loved ones that I can save on before Christmas! Not gonna lie, I have a quite a few kids I am shopping for, but everyone knows someone who's a kid at heart, right?

Amazon Deals:

Kids Movies, up to 78% off!!
toy deals
Horton Hears a Who for $3.99!

Willy Wonka & Chocolate Factory
Willy Wonka for $3.99!

Annie (Special Anniversary Edition)

Annie for $4.99

Barbie Photo Fashion Doll

baby deals

10 Free Holiday Cards! Send out some free Christmas Cheer with couponcode: WinterCards
And 40% off the rest of your purchase with code: Cards40

Old Navy Coupons

Save 25% and get free shipping at Old Navy with code: OnGift

Best Buy CouponsSpend $250 online, select in-store pick up, and get a $25 Savings code for a future online purchase!

PacSun Coupons

25% off Sitewide and Free Shipping!

Anyone Else Hungry?

It's finals week, holiday shopping time, and this girl is on the go. I spend all my time gathering food in my pantry, that is literally kills me to buy food to go. But it's been a few days now since I've seen my kitchen, and if I eat one more piece of Five Star Pizza, I will actually turn into Five Star Pizza. I've found some printable coupons and deals that might help us all make it through. Hope these turns some C's to B's!

 The entire month of December, Subway is giving away $2 subs! Get a 6" Meatball Marinara sub or Cold Cut Combo for $2!! I'm not a big cold cut combo fan, salami is totes gross. If only the Subways on USF campus did the same promos as Subway. The most difficult part of my day is walking past it and not going inside. 

(Go learn about their $20 Subway Gift Card Giveaway too!)


Free Chips and Queso when you sign up for the Chili's E-mail Club!


Free Slice of Pizza when you sign up for the Sbarro E-mail Club!

Jamba Juice:

(UM, OMG.)

Jamba Juice

Pei Wei:

BOGO Entrees, Can someone say, after-finals celebration dinner?!

There you go, that should be at least one deal for every dinner of exam week! Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wal-Mart Deals!

Not gonna lie, I've been a little selfish with my savings lately. I've been so busy saving money, that I totally forgot to tell you about it. #SorryNotSorry. 

But I digress...

Here's what you can look out for at your local Wal-Mart!
**Please note that Wal-Mart does not have uniform prices. Some Wal-Marts may have a price that is higher or lower than the prices I experienced. Don't yell at me if this doesn't work out as well for you as it did for me- guess you should have come shopping with me then!

  • Schick Disposable Razor Packs, 12 ct
    • Regular Price- $2.00
    • Coupon- $2.00 off of 1 
    • Coupon Location- 12/02 Smart Source
    • Price= FREEEEEE
  • Hasbro Kreon Micro Changers Figure (Great stocking stuffer for 6-13 year old boy!)
    • Regular Price- $3.49
    • Coupon- One Free Item (up to a $4.99 value)
    • Coupon Location- 12/02 Smart Source
    • Price= FREEEEE
  • Tobasco Sauce 2oz Bottle
    • Regular Price- $1.27
    • Coupon- $1 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 11/11 Smart Source
    • Price= $.27
  • Farm Rich Snack
    • Regular Price- $2.17
    • Coupon- $3 off of 2
    • Coupon Location- 9/30 Smart Source
    • Price= $1.34 for 2
  • Nivea Lip Care
    • Regular Price- $2.47
    • Coupon- $3 off of 2
    • Coupon Location- 12/02 Red Plum
    • Price= $1.94 for 2
  • Carmex Lip Balm
    • Regular Price- $.98
    • Coupon- $.55 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 12/02 Smart Source
    • Price= $.43 
  • Hormel Boneless Ham
    • Regular Price- $3.68/ Pound
    • Coupon- $2 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 11/04 Smart Source\
    • Price= $1.68 for 1 pound
  • Carefree Pantiliners, 20 ct
    • Regular Price- $.94
    • Coupon- $.50 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 10/28 Smart Source
    • Price- $.44 
  • Baileys Coffee Creamer, 16 oz
    • Regular Price= $1.88
    • Coupon- $1 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 11/18 Smart Source
    • Price= $.88
  • Benecol Spread, 8 oz
    • Regular Price= $3.88
    • Coupon- $2 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 9/16 Red Plum
    • Price= $1.88
  • Hormel Compleats Microwave Meal, 10 oz
    • Regular Price= $1.98
    • Coupon- $1 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 11/11 Smart Source
    • Price= $.96
  • Hormel Sandwich Makers, 7 oz
    • Regular Price= $1.98
    • Coupon- $1 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 11/11 Smart Source
    • Price= $.98
  • Starkist Tuna Pouch 2 oz
    • Regular Price= $1.12
    • Coupon= $.55 off of 1
    • Coupon Location- 7/15 Smart Source
    • Price= $.57

Food items aside, many things like lip balm, razors, lotions, and more are great things to put in stockings this year. Many of us try to do the traditional present exchange where you give out medium sized boxes wrapped in a shiny foil paper. But, how much does that really cost you? Consider purchasing these items in bulk and redistributing them by way of gift baskets and overflowing stockings to give out the same amount of cheer, but with out breaking the bank.

And, as always, feel free to make me one too =]]]

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Small Business Saturday Tampa Style

Corporations only make up around 20% of American businesses. The other 80% are comprised of small, locally owned businesses. In cities like Tampa, it is hard to see those small businesses sometimes. But look closely reader, nestled between CVS and Publix is a mom-and-pop coffee shop that produces the most delicious muffins at a lower cost than Dunkin Donuts. Sometimes, these local businesses get are grossly under-rated. 

This Saturday, November 24 join the United States Bureau of Small Businesses and shop small. Black Friday can be a huge hassle, and shopping online isn't for everyone. American Express began the post-holiday-holiday in 2010 to help breathe some life back into local companies. 

I have to say, I am sad to announce that there are no guaranteed savings for Small Business Saturday. But but buttttt, thanks to my boyfriend Google, I've found a couple deals in the Tampa area! Support local business!

  • Includes:
    • You Say When
    • Ricky's Tees
    • The Library CoffeeHouse
    • Quiznos
  • Includes:
    • Free Legal Aid with Brick Law Firm
    • Avon
  • Includes:
    • Orange Home Accessories
    • Julie's Consignment Boutique
    • Tres Amigos Catina

More to come, maybe. Keep an eye out, and let me know if you hear about anything for Small Business Saturday that I haven't mentioned!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Black Friday Deals!!!

Who else is totally stoked to sit outside of a store, freezing to death, just to get a really great deal?! Ooohhh, me! Me! MEEEE!!! NOT.This year, I'll be taking the lazy way out of Christmas

With so much competition for your money this time of the year, companies are going to great lengths to make it as easy as possible for you to check your list twice. Many stores are opening at midnight on Thanksgiving this year, sparking a ton of controversy from families and workers alike. Wal-Mart has already begun some pre-Black Friday specials to limit the lines come Friday. I've scoured some of the biggest retailers for Black Friday deals. Take advantage of their shipping offers combined with their sales (many match the sale in store). Check out what I have found, and see if it is better to stay indoors this Friday.  


  •  Wal-Mart:
    •  Apple iPad 4, 16 GB with your choice of bonus accessory kit
    • $499 
    • Free shipping to your home!   

  • Best Buy:
    • Toshiba 40" LCD HD 1080p
    • $179.99
    • Save $240
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy:
    • Panasonic 32" LCD HD TV, 780p
    • $189.99
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy:
    • Samsung 15.6" Laptop. 4G Memory, Windows 8, 500G hard drive.
    • $349.95
    • Save $225
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy:
    • ASUS 14" Laptop 320G hard drive, Windows 8, 4G memory
    • $249.99
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy:
    • Lenovo 15.6" Laptop, 2G Memory, 320G hard drive, Windows 8
    • $187.99
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy: 
    • Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2. 8G Memory, 
    • $179.99
    • Free $20 gift card with purchase
    • Save $70
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy:
    • Kindle Fire with 8G 
    • $159.99
    • Free $30 gift card with purchase
    • Free Shipping

Game Systems:
  • Best Buy:
    • Playstation 3, 250G Memory, Limited edition Uncharted Bundle
    • $199.99
    • Save $159.92
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy:
    • XBOX 360 Bundle, 250G, Forza Motorsport 4 game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim download token, Xbox 360 wireless controller, wired headset and one-month trial for Hulu, EPIX and Xbox LIVE.
    • $199.99
    • Save $207.97
  • Wal-Mart:
    • Playstation 3 Bundle, 2 controllers and Street Fighter 4
    • $259
    • Save $70
    • Free Shipping
  • Wal-Mart:
    • Nintendo 3DS Starter Bundle
    • Includes carrying case and Rayman 3D video game
    • $179.99
    • Save $70
    • Free Home Shipping
  • Wal-Mart:
    • XBOX 360 Bundle, 2 controllers and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Game
    • $229
    • Save $80
    • Free Shipping
  • Target:
    • XBOX Live Membership 3 Month Subscription
    • $10
    • Save $14
  • Target:
    • WII Bundle
    • Includes Just Dance Kids 2, Wii Resort, Wii Sports, Wii Remote
    • $119.99
  • Best Buy:
    • iPod Touch 32G 
    • $294.99
    • $50 gift card with purchase
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy:
    • iPod Nano 16G
    • $149.99
    • Free $20 gift card with purchase
    • Free Shipping
  • Wal-Mart:
    • iPod Nano 16G with bonus accessory kit
    • $139.99
    • Free Shipping to Home

  • Best Buy:
    • HP Deskjet Network Ready Wireless Color Printer/Scanner
    • $39.99
    • Save $40
    • Free Shipping
  • Best Buy:
    • HP Deskjet All-In-One Printer
    • $49.99
    • Save $50
    • Free Shipping

  • Best Buy:
    • FujiFilms FinePix 14.0 Megapixel camera
    • $49.99
    • Save $50
    • Free Shipping
    • Optional Bundle with case and 8G SD card for $59.97

Definitely check out the actual ads for a ton more deals. I may add to this if I find any other good deals. Keep checking back in!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Grocery Shopping: The Way it Should be Done

Don't hate me please. 

I have failed you, readers. I have rambled and side tracked my way out of telling you how to tackle the grocery store. Though I have found some pretty rad things to side track you with, I have not come right out and exposed you to what happens when I go to the store. 

Here's what happened when I went to Publix this weekend!

BOGO Sales: 

  • Suave Lotion ($3.29)
  • Nestle Morsels ($2.45)
  • Tyson Frozen Chicken Strips ($8.49)
  • Hall's Cough Drops ($1.57)

Not on Sale: 

  • Yakisoba Noodle Meals ($.99)
  • Publix Sweet Tea ($1.59)  

My Total For These Items Should Have Been:

  1. Suave Lotion: $3.24 x 6= $19.44
  2. Nestle Morsels: $2.45 x 2= $4.90
  3. Tyson Frozen Chicken Strips: $8.49 x 2= $16.89
  4. Hall's Cough Drops: $1.57 x 4= $6.28
  5. Yakisoba Noodle Meals: $.99 x 6= $5.94
  6. Publix Sweet Tea: $1.59

Total= $55.04 

Total After Sales= $31.24

Total After Coupons= $13.79!!!

What did I do? I combined in store sales with coupons provided in newspapers to maximize savings. Could I have waited for a sale on the Yakisoba noodles? Probably. But I'm impatient and they were only $.49 after coupons. Could I have not bough the Publix Sweet Tea? Yes, but I love sweet tea and I have had a long weekend. If I had not bought those items, my total would have been closer to $9 for everything. At the risk of confusing anyone, below I am going to tell you what coupons I used to get these deals, so you can get a better idea of how this is possible =]

Coupons Used:

  • Suave Lotion:
    • RP 10/14, $2 off of 1 Suave Product
    • BOGO Publix In Store Sale
    • For 2 Bottles Total: $6.58
      • - $2/ 1 (2) or $4/2
      • Credit Earned: $.71/2
  • Nestle Morsels
    • RP 9/9 $.50 off of 1 Nestle Morsels Product
    • BOGO Publix In Store Sale
    • For 2 Bags Total: $4.90
      • $.50/1 or $1/2
      • Price Paid: $1.54/2
  • Tyson Frozen Chicken Strips
    • SS 10/7 $.75 off of 1 Tyson Frozen Chicken Strip
    • BOGO Publix In Store Sale
    • For 2 Bags Total: $16.89
      • - $.75/1 or $1.50/2
      • Price Paid: $6.99/2
  • Hall's Cough Drop
    • SS 11/04 $1 off of 2 Hall's Drops
    • BOGO Publix In Store Sale
    • For 2 Bags Total: $3.14
      • -$1/2
      • Price Paid: $.57/2
  • Yakisoba Noodles
    • SS 10/14 $.50 off of 1 Yakisoba Noodle Product
    • Regular Price: $.99
      • -$.50/1
      • Price Paid: $.49/1
And if I did my math correctly (which I probably did not do) I saved 75%! 

My hope is that this wets your appetite a little. It really doesn't take that long, and it's such an easy thing to do. Start off small, and soon you too will be bringing home 8 bags of Halls Cough Drops!! Yayyy!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Save on Fruits and Veggies! And Milkshakes!

With every post, I hope that I can teach you a little something extra about saving money. Although my name is Coupon Queen, I have tried to showcase alternate ways to save money. I recognize that not every one likes to roll up to the cash register with a cavalcade of coupons. I hope this post will 
One of the most common questions people ask me is, "How do I save on fresh fruits and vegetables?" Rarely are there coupons in the newspaper for these items and although sales do occur on them, it could not hurt to know what is in season near you. There is this awesome website called EpiCurious. Since I live in Florida, I found out that some of my favorite healthy treats are in their season's peak. Not only does it tell you what is in peak, but it will give a description of the ingredient and some recipes. #Winning!

Also, I've found something sweet that most of my readers tend to like. Free stuff!!! 

Go to Arby's Website and type in  your name. Print that bad mamma-jamma and next time you get a hankering for some Arby's get yourself a free Peppermint Stick Swirl Shake. 

Thank you Coupon Geek for always knowing what's going on.