Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Save on Fruits and Veggies! And Milkshakes!

With every post, I hope that I can teach you a little something extra about saving money. Although my name is Coupon Queen, I have tried to showcase alternate ways to save money. I recognize that not every one likes to roll up to the cash register with a cavalcade of coupons. I hope this post will 
One of the most common questions people ask me is, "How do I save on fresh fruits and vegetables?" Rarely are there coupons in the newspaper for these items and although sales do occur on them, it could not hurt to know what is in season near you. There is this awesome website called EpiCurious. Since I live in Florida, I found out that some of my favorite healthy treats are in their season's peak. Not only does it tell you what is in peak, but it will give a description of the ingredient and some recipes. #Winning!

Also, I've found something sweet that most of my readers tend to like. Free stuff!!! 

Go to Arby's Website and type in  your name. Print that bad mamma-jamma and next time you get a hankering for some Arby's get yourself a free Peppermint Stick Swirl Shake. 

Thank you Coupon Geek for always knowing what's going on.


  1. This is great, I never head about that website before, so thank you. I can't wait to try the site out before I do my shopping this weekend.

  2. I've never really been into peppermint flavored milkshakes but I do find this website helpful. I was always the girl wondering when was a good time to purchase some of my favorite produce, and with this website I don't have to wonder anymore. Thanks for showing me something new.