Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Free Redbox Rental, Anyone?

Happy Birthday Redbox!!

Tomorrow, October 10, 2012 brings so many better things than just Hump Day. Bring yourself out of your mid-week slump with a free movie rental or game rental from RedBox.

The offer is good tomorrow only on one- night RedBox rentals. Click here for the code. Or, just trust me on this, the code is: Birthday.

Omg, such a secret code, right!

Thank you RedBox, for giving me another reason to procrastinate tomorrow.

Extra Credit Time: When you go get your free movie tomorrow, add your email for their email list. They will thank you with $.50 off one rental in your first email. Then, if you want, you can send them to Spam Jail, and never receive another email again.

You're welcome. 

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