Friday, October 5, 2012

Retail Deals

I have decided to start this continuous post. Here, you are going to find some online retail deals that I have stumbled across while getting lost in Google. (Don't worry, it happens frequently). I do solemnly swear to keep it simple, but I think some of us who are still enjoying what I like to call "loan money life"* would like to do a little cheap splurging. I will hopefully, keep these deals fresh and update you when I find new ones.

*Loan Money Life: the brief period in a college student's life where they have more money then their parents and they want to buy everything. (That isn't just me, right?)

 For use on October 7, 2012 only. 20% Off Your Purchase. Click it, print it, thank me. 
Also, Buzz Club Members can get 20% off on Saturday October 6, 2012 after 4pm. Don't have one? It's one of those many free memberships I have that benefit me. 

Thank you Coupon Geek for passing along the information. 


  1. Awwww the "loan money life" is good while it lasts. It never seems to last long for me though, you are not the only one loving that time when splurging is a must and the consequences are far from thought.

  2. Loan Money Life is, by far, the best part of my life. Loan Money life will definitely be biting me in the put when I have to pay it off!

  3. I wish I would have seen this post before this weekend, but it's also good that I didn't because I don't need to buy anymore random things. I do partake in the "loan money life" since I have a job and still live at home with my parents so bills and being a grownup are not in my finical schedule yet. That does not mean that I don't take advantage of coupons when I can, and I especially pounce on coupons if they are for any of my favorite brands or stores.

    1. Well definitely keep your eye out. The blog I found this coupon is posts new coupons 4-5 times a day. I am sure that she will have something good in the near future!

  4. I really like that you are starting a continuous post that will do nothing but save your readers money. It's so convenient for us just to come to this post and see what saving you have in store for us next. I'm excited for future updates of this post, so I can save money without the hassle of having to hunt for the coupon.

  5. I'm definitely here for you, when it comes to the savings department. Let me know if there are any certain stores that you like, or any sales that I am missing out on!